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MEMBER Spencer County


In Business Since 2007                                            

Company LOGO

Randy & Jayne Wangler

Mean Muggin Movers ~ Owners

We are not JUST TRASH ..... See below for OUR

Moving SERVICES ........... Thanks for looking

We are now Offering a Weekly TRASH PickUp Service for the Residents & Businesses of Spencer County, Indiana.

*Rockport, Indiana

* Owensboro. Ky








*French Island

*Richland City


*NO LOOSE TRASH for weekly service BAGS ONLY...

$18.00 per MONTH .

As the route increases we will add more communities in Spencer County .

All item should be boxed or bagged and left at end of driveway. Additional services available as needed on a quote basis.

Contact Randy 812-686-1386 for all your TRASH removal Needs. 

 Do you need HELP? We can HELP with your TRASH needs.

We can help. Free removal of un-wanted Scrap Metal / Appliances / We will also help you with moving & removing things that are not recyclable for a Fee. We can Tow cars & trucks, and remove anything you need to relocate.

We are now Moving Whole House Fulls of Furniture and or trash (rubbish).

  • If you need to relocate your family or just your possessions, we can help.
  • We also are working with banks & realty companies to help with property clean out and preservation when a property is foreclosed on.
  • We will get the property ready to put back on the market


We have moved Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles Furniture & Kitchen Appliances. And we also removed a 800 pound safe from a basement to it's new location. We just removed the sign from the HUCKS gas station in

Rockport, Indiana.

It measured 10' x 16'and weighed 1800lbs.

We can provide business references upon request.

We help people flip houses when they need the rubbish and leftovers removed before they can start flipping.

Floyd . The Great Gig In The Sky

Mean Muggin Movers

At the Scrap Yard


Randy and Jayne   

Property Cleanout Tobinsport, IN

We service a 50 mile radius of Rockport, Indiana.

Including but not limited to .

  • Rockport, In
  • Dale, In
  • Chrisney, In
  • Grandview, In
  • Hatfield, In
  • Richland City, In
  • Chrisney, In
  • French Island, In
  • Patronville, In
  • Owensboro, Ky
  • Evansville, In
  • Newburgh, In
  • Princeton, In
  • Henderson, Ky

Go to our ABOUT USpage for more info and

PHOTOS on our services.

                                            Office storage area on Main Street Rockport,

Indiana BEFORE and AFTER Photos

Pay it Forward - The Power of Three Click 2 pay it forward

We try to PAY IT FORWARD When we collect things, we put them in a storage area before we haul to the recycler. If someone calls us and checks to see if we have an item such as a working Washer/Dryer, Fridge, Gas Grill etc. We give it to them. When they say " What do we owe you?.

We say "Pay It Forward"

and we accept NO CASH we just trade favors.

 History of the name MEAN MUGGIN MOVERS .....

When I met my wife's daughter Keela Leigh Lynch, one of the first conversations was she said, "Why is Mom all the time Mean Muggin the guys I bring over to the house." I said "Keela what is Mean Muggin?" She said "You know, that mean look mom gives these guys."

History of the MONKEY LOGO...........

Keela Loved Monkeys..............Click her photo to read about our loss.You will be redirected to the website to read about

The Pike County Triple Homocide 07-17-2006 

Click theMonkey..................